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TV Definitions
HDTV - (Hi-definition Television)?
HDTV delivers picture and sound quality that are a quantum leap above your current analog TV. It's just like a movie theater was placed in your living room. Every high-definition show you watch, (no matter if it's the local news or a championship sports event) takes on a vivid brilliance that simply has to be seen to be appreciated.

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LCD- Liquid Crystal Display?
LCDs are flat screen TVs that offer a stunning, bright picture in a slim, lightweight design, with excellent viewing from any angle in the room. Typically they range in size from 10" up to 46". Most LCD's can be easily mounted almost anywhere in a room.

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Plasma TVs?
Plasma TVs are flat screen TV's that offer a hi-contrast picture with superb color accuracy, with excellent viewing from any angle in the room. Focus is consistent and reliable across the entire screen. They come in larger sizes, ranging from 42" up to 70" and can be mounted almost anywhere in a room.

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DLP- Digital Light Processing?
Lest costly than LCD or Plasma, DLP delivers a picture superior to ordinary TV's. Sizes range from 42" and up. Too thick to mount on walls, but a great value for your money.

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  1. To get the best picture from your DVD player, use an HDMI cable (if both your DVD player and your TV support it). Your picture and sound will be transmitted digitally to your TV with the use of this one, easy cable.
  2. Find the size that's right for your needs. Consumer Reports says you need to be at least five feet away from an HDTV that's 36-inches and at least six to nine feet away from a screen that is 40 to 65-inches.
  3. After you buy your new Hi-definition TV, call your cable provider and ask to have an HD box installed. This will assure you the best HD signal for your new TV and provide you with the best possible picture.
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  1. When going on vacation, take the cord to connect your digital Camera or camcorder to your hotel room TV so you can review each days pictures on the big screen.
  2. Don't forget to backup your picture files once you get them into your PC. You can burn them to CD if your computer has a CD burner.
  3. Pack an extra battery and an extra memory card when going on vacation. You don't want to lose out on those special moments because your battery died or your memory card is full.
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Home Theater
  1. Connect your DVD player to your Home Theater receiver with a digital cable. This will transfer the information digitally and give you the proper decoding of the surround sound signal.
  2. Get one powerful remote control to operate every piece of your home theater system. It will clean up your environment and simplify your entire operation. You can program it so that by hitting one button it will turn on your TV, DVD player and home theater system and select the correct settings for all 3. Makes it easy for your kids.
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Portable Audio
  1. A good pair of headphones will dramatically improve the sound quality from your iPod or portable CD player.
  2. A wireless FM transmitter can be plugged into an iPod or MP3 player so you can broadcast your music over the radio. Listen to it in the car, on your clock radio and anywhere else you have a radio.
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Buying Tips
Buying Tips

Beware of sales that sound too good to be true. They can be refurbished goods, or products that carry no manufacturers warranty because they are not sold by authorized dealers. Here at Capital, we're authorized dealers for the lines we carry and we never sell refurbished goods. You'll always get a legit, manufacturers warranty with all the products we sell.

An experienced salesman knows the products and can often help you get EXACTLY what you need. This can save you time and money.

Be wary of stores that rely on the "bait & switch" tactic. This is where they offer a product at below cost to bring you in, then try to switch you to another more expensive product. If you try to buy the advertised item, they tell you it's out of stock.

At Capital, we always try to help you find the product that fits right for you, and never pressure you into buying before you're ready.

Make sure you get everything you need to work the product, right when you buy it. Check to make sure you have the proper cables to hook up your DVD player, or the right memory card for you digital camera. Make sure to get the right blank DVDs when you buy your DVD recorder, and any accessories you might need like and extra battery for your camcorder or a case for your iPod to protect it. We will always assist you in making the proper selection for your needs.

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June 18, 2024
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